Travail personnel que certains enfants me transmettent de leur propre chef ou qui se sont portés volontaires pour effectuer une tâche. Mes corrections sont en décalé, en rouge et expliquées si nécessaire.

transcription compréhension orale : Classroom language by Célia 6eT

classeroom language 1

 -the teacher


-the teacher

-The teacher: useless (inutile) because it is a repetition.

Listen Up !


Listen to the CD

Listen to the Conversation

-The teacher :


Look at …


Read the text

Read the book



Open the book

Open the book page …

Close the book

Work in pairs

Work in groups

Do you understand ?

Got It ?


Good Job !!!!!!!!

Well done !!!!!



transcription compréhension orale : classroom language by Poppy 6e T



- The teacher

- Students

 - Listen Up, Listen, listen  to the cd, listen to the conversation

 - Repeat

 - Look at …

- Read, Read the text, read the book

 - Write, Answer,

 - Open the book, Open the book to page

 - Close the book

  - Work in pairs

 - Work in groups

 - Do you understand ?

 - Got it ?

GOOD JOB !!!!!! / WELL DONE !!!!!


transcription compréhension orale : I'm fed up ! by .... 6e T

I’m fed up


-Oh, I’m tired


-I’m fed up with all the chores






-Cleaning the house


-Doing the shopping


-Making the beds


-I’m really fed up


-setting the table


-clearing the table    

clearing (ea donne le son [i:] long)


-emptying the dishwasher   

emptying (yi donne le son du double i)


-taking the dustbin out


-cooking again and again


-It’s over


-I’m fed up


-I’m not a robot !